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And now for the second question.
Question Two: Is the person primarily impulsive or primarily tentative

What is the difference between impulsive and tentative? Impulsive people are fast-paced and very direct. They talk fast; they move fast; they think quickly; they act impulsively; they express themselves easily and directly. Impulsive people have a tremendous-inner need to get things done.  


In contrast, tentative people are slower-paced and very indirect. They talk slower; they think cautiously; they move carefully; they speak prudently; they hesitate before taking action. Tentative people have a tremendous inner-need to get things right.  

For example, impulsive people usually greet others directly with statements like, “Come in, sit down, have a drink.” While tentative people tend to ask, “Would you like to come in? Would you care to sit down? Can I get you a drink?” 

So again make your choice:

Click here if this person is primarily Impulsive

Click here if this person is primarily tentative