Welcome to a Whackadoodle World

Who are we?

We are the author and philosopher Lynn Marie Sager, along with a cast of both real and imaginary friends, dedicated to understanding how to best navigate this Whackadoodle World of ours.

Our Mission

We hope in our own way, to provide our readers with the tools they need to navigate their lives. Tools like strategy, focus, understanding, influence, critical thinking, logic, civics, context, and more. If we think an idea will help you navigate your life, we will include it here. If we think an event is impacting your life, we will provide you with accurate information, and practical advice regarding that event. We will be asking a lot of questions because we believe that you should be doing the same.

Occasionally, we will use this site to call out the liars, hypocrites, misers and fools; as well as to bring you evidence of their actions and practical suggestions on how to deal with them.

We welcome your comments, questions, and suggestions.

How can you join us?

You can write to Dear Navigator. If you have a question, or wish to bring a challenge to our attention for discussion, Dear Navigator is the place to leave it. When you send your question, you will also be asked if you would like to join our mailing list. We send a newsletter out once a month, just to keep in touch.

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