Why do some people irritate, while others become friends?

This two-question personality test may hold an answer.

I would like to share a wonderful tool for understanding why you instantly bond with some people; while at the same time, some people seem born to irritate you.  

Not everyone is like you. Not everyone wants the same things you want. Psychologists have identified four distinct personality types: Sanguine, Phlegmatic, Melancholic and Choleric. Everyone leans towards one of these types. If you learn to understand what excites, motivates, irritates and frustrates these different personality types, you’ll be well on your way to understanding attraction and why certain people frustrate you more than others.  

In order to determine what personality type someone has, you simply need to answer two questions.

Let’s begin with question one:  Is the person primarily an extrovert or primarily an introvert?

What is the difference between an extrovert and an introvert?  

Extroverts tend to befriend the world instantly, while introverts tend to pick their friends carefully. Extroverts readily and spontaneously tell stories, share secrets and express their emotions, because they believe that doing so will bring them closer to people. Extroverts are people oriented. They often make decisions based upon emotions. They are very affectionate and demonstrative early in relationships. They also tend to be very concerned with the opinions and feelings of others.

An Extrovert

On the other hand, introverts tend to be goal oriented. They also tell stories, share secrets and express their emotions, but only if they see a good point in doing so. Introverts only open up when they believe that sharing emotions, stories and secrets will bring them closer to what they want from life. They can be very affectionate, but they tend to hold their affections back for those select people who matter to them. Introverts like to base their decisions on their own inner logic and understanding, rather than worry about the opinions and emotions of others.

An Introvert
So think of a person whose personality you would like to test and select an option below:

Click here if the person is primarily an Introvert.

Click here if the person is primarily an Extrovert.

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