Navigating a Whackadoodle World: Table of Contents

Take one episode at a time,
give it one weeks strict attention,
and leave everything else to its ordinary chance.

A Prologue

Episode One:
Boats float for a reason. If you can figure out the reason, you can float too.
The Power of Cause and Effect

Episode Two:
You see dangerous rapids ahead, while I see an exciting ride.
We all see the river not as it is, but as we believe it to be.
The Power of Definition and Belief

Episode Three:
The river is just the river. Any problem that you have is a reflection of your boat.
The Power of Reflection

Episode Four:
Lots to see on the river. If all you see are rapids, you haven’t been paying attention.
The Power of Focus and Attention

Episode Five:
Instead of complaining about the wind, you should learn to adjust your sails.
The Power of Strategy

Episode Six:
No such thing as an empty water jug. Air pours in as water pours out.
The Power of Vacuum

Episode Seven:
Rivers carve canyons one rock at a time.
The Power of Process and Growth

Episode Eight:
An innocent may attempt to dry himself midstream, but only a fool blames water for being wet.
The Power of Responsibility

Episode Nine:
Keep the river clean, and you’ll always have water.
The Power of Contribution and Compensation

Episode Ten:
Fish swim in schools for a reason.
The Power of Attraction

Episode Eleven:
Water, and everything else, tends to evaporate.
The Power of Entropy

The Phone Call

Episode Twelve:
If you want your crew to listen, learn to speak their language.
The Power of Communication and Understanding

Episode Thirteen: Part One
Captains chart courses for their reasons, not yours.
The Power of Persuasion and Influence

Episode Thirteen: Part Two

Episode Fourteen:
People design their journeys based on the captains they most admire.
The Power of Indirect Effort

An Epilogue


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