Navigating a Whackadoodle World: Table of Contents

Take one episode at a time,give it one weeks strict attention,and leave everything else to its ordinary chance. A Prologue Episode One:Boats float for a reason. If you can figure out the reason, you can float too.The Power of Cause and Effect Episode Two:You see dangerous rapids ahead, while I see an exciting ride.We all … Read more

Navigating a Whackadoodle World: Episode Two

The Power of Definition and Belief. In which my Whackadoodle student and I begin the second of fourteen lessons for navigating life, and rediscover how important it is to keep examining our definitions. If you have entered this story in the middle, click here for the table of contents. ______ “So I have been thinking about … Read more

How do I Question a Religious Fanatic and Open Their Mind?

A Whackadoodle discussion in which my student and I attempt to answer our first Dear Navigator question. How does one open the mind of a religious fanatic who has been radicalized? By Lynn Marie Sager “We finally got one,” she informed me as soon as I opened my door for our tutoring session. “Got one … Read more

Religious Freedom In America

By Lynn Marie Sager I have a great deal of respect for religious freedom, and the rights of people to form their own beliefs. However, I have found that religious freedom in American is often infused with religious bigoty. I am against religious bigotry. Where people start thinking that one religion is better than the others. I am … Read more