Presidential Records Act, or Why They’re Not His Letters

A Whackadoodle mini civics lesson about why America has a Presidential Records Acts and a Freedom of Information Act, as well as a link to FOIA where every citizen can request government documents. “What’s up with the Presidential Records Act?” she asked me out of the blue. “What do you mean, ‘What’s up’ with the … Read more

Court Reform: Or Why Do Nine People Hold So Much Power?

A Whackadoodle discussion about the Supreme Court, Court Reform, Dark Money, and whether or not people like you are interested, including links to Senator Whitehouse of Rhode Island’s eighteen floor speeches regarding the need for change. “I still don’t understand why you want to post a bunch of speeches given on the Senate floor on … Read more

Satirical or Ironic: Political Essays Have Power

A Whackadoodle lesson about the difference between Satirical and Ironic essays, with political examples of each. Including The Garlic’s Exclusive Interview with the Governor. “I’m supposed to write a satirical essay for my English 101 class,” she told me as soon as our lesson began. “Zowy,” I said. “Your teacher is quite ambitious.” “How do you … Read more

Ranked Choice Voting: Lessons a Kindergartener Understands

ranked choice voting

A Whackadoodle discussion that explains ranked choice voting, and caucus voting, in a way that even a kindergartener can understand. “So I’ve been thinking,” she said as she put her school books back into her backpack. “Good, good,” I couldn’t help but tease. “Thinking is good.” She sent me one of her dirtiest looks before … Read more

Fighting Prejudice in a Whackadoodle World

A Whackadoodle discussion on fighting prejudice, being woke, and learning how to persuade, including four practical suggestions for fighting prejudice. By Lynn Marie Sager “I am sick and tired of all those white folks out there giving us white folks a bad name,” I told her. “What the heck are you talking about?” “I am … Read more

Our Right to Privacy: Did the Court Really Take it Away ?

A Whackadoodle discussion about Roe v. Wade, our right to privacy, expanding the court, and taking action, by Lynn Marie Sager She came to my door both devastated and angry, “How could they do it?” She cried, wiping tears from her eyes. “How could they just take away our rights like that? I mean my … Read more

Teaching Trust and Lies In a Whackadoodle World

A Whackadoodle story about trust and lies in four parts: by Lynn Marie Sager Part One: In which my student believes that dismissing lies is a viable solution. I had been hired to tutor her online at the beginning of the pandemic. Was it really over two years ago? So much had changed, and yet … Read more