Presidential Records Act, or Why They’re Not His Letters

A Whackadoodle mini civics lesson about why America has a Presidential Records Acts and a Freedom of Information Act, as well as a link to FOIA where every citizen can request government documents. “What’s up with the Presidential Records Act?” she asked me out of the blue. “What do you mean, ‘What’s up’ with the … Read more

Court Reform: Or Why Do Nine People Hold So Much Power?

A Whackadoodle discussion about the Supreme Court, Court Reform, Dark Money, and whether or not people like you are interested, including links to Senator Whitehouse of Rhode Island’s eighteen floor speeches regarding the need for change. “I still don’t understand why you want to post a bunch of speeches given on the Senate floor on … Read more

Mask Mandates: Just Trying to Keep Us Safe

A Whackadoodle discussion about prejudice, public health, mask mandates, why I will be wearing a mask for the rest of my life, even if you won’t. “For the first time in my life, I know what it’s like to feel prejudiced,” I blurted out. “What?” she exclaimed. “You don’t have a prejudiced bone in your … Read more

Going into Sales? Learn How to Not Piss-off Your Prospects.

Inspired by real events, A story about an early morning wake up call in which I explain a Nine Step Sales Process one more time, along with why non-professionals give real sales professionals a bad name. My cell phone went off at 6:00 AM, and despite the fact that I had been up until 3:00 … Read more

Being Grateful for What I’ve Learned

A Whackadoodle discussion on Kailua Beach about being grateful while still fighting back. Including a thank you note to the Forty-Fifth President that may or may not be sent. A Whackadoodle discussion with Lynn Marie Sager I came up behind her as she sat bent over a picnic table scribbling away. I could tell from … Read more

GerryMander: A game you need to play at least once

I hear it all the time. What does it mean to gerrymander? How does gerrymandering work? What’s the problem with gerrymandering anyway? Well, gerrymandering is the practice of district map drawers to draw maps that ensure that their political party will always maintain a majority in both House and Senate. Gerrymandering is surprisingly easy to … Read more

What Does Whackadoodle Mean?

A Whackadoodle discussion in which my student and I examine both the connotative and the denotative meanings of the word Whackadoodle, in order to answer the question, “What does Whackadoodle mean? by Lynn Marie Sager “I think that I would have liked your brother,” she told me shyly. We had just finished reading a lesson … Read more

Why do some people irritate, while others become friends?

This two-question personality test may hold an answer. I would like to share a wonderful tool for understanding why you instantly bond with some people; while at the same time, some people seem born to irritate you.   Not everyone is like you. Not everyone wants the same things you want. Psychologists have identified four distinct … Read more

Fighting Prejudice in a Whackadoodle World

A Whackadoodle discussion on fighting prejudice, being woke, and learning how to persuade, including four practical suggestions for fighting prejudice. By Lynn Marie Sager “I am sick and tired of all those white folks out there giving us white folks a bad name,” I told her. “What the heck are you talking about?” “I am … Read more

Religious Freedom In America

By Lynn Marie Sager I have a great deal of respect for religious freedom, and the rights of people to form their own beliefs. However, I have found that religious freedom in American is often infused with religious bigoty. I am against religious bigotry. Where people start thinking that one religion is better than the others. I am … Read more