Navigating a Whackadoodle World: Episode Eight

The Power of Control and Responsibility: A Whackadoodle lesson regarding the importance of taking responsibility for your choices in order to take control of your life, including a few words about not falling to the dark side.  If you have entered this story in the middle, click here for the prologue. ________ “Just like with … Read more

Reinforced Beliefs: Are They Limiting You?

A Whackadoodle discussion about Nun’s on the Bus, listening deeply, reinforced beliefs, and seeing past the limiting beliefs that your community might be reinforcing. By Lynn Marie Sager She came to our tutoring session with less energy than normal. Usually, she was bouncing off walls, full of stories, and excited to trade ideas. But on … Read more

Teaching Trust and Lies In a Whackadoodle World

A Whackadoodle story about trust and lies in four parts: by Lynn Marie Sager Part One: In which my student believes that dismissing lies is a viable solution. I had been hired to tutor her online at the beginning of the pandemic. Was it really over two years ago? So much had changed, and yet … Read more