Free Book Friday for All of July

In celebration of the publication of Lynn Marie Sager’s fifth book, Navigating Life in a Whackadoodle World, Amazon Kindle will be hosting a Free Book Friday for the entire month of July.

Each Friday, during the month of July, 2022, all of Lynn Marie Sager’s books will be available to download from Kindle for free. The promotion begins each Friday, one minute after midnight pacific standard time, and continues for twenty four hours.

Don’t own a Kindle? Not to worry, any device, be it ipad, iphone, or computer, can be turned into a kindle by downloading a free and easy app.

On a personal note, Lynn would like to point out that if you can afford to buy the book on a day other than Friday, her bank account would be grateful. However, considering how tight the times are, she is pleased to offer it for free to those who cannot afford it. She does however ask that you take a moment to PLEASE review her book on Amazon once you have read it, so the Internet algorithm gods will favor her with a higher rating.

And now, a bit about Lynn’s new book, Navigating Life in a Whackadoodle World.

Navigating Life in a Whackadoodle World

While riding the bus one day, a retired self-help expert is confronted by the Fourteen Rules of Life that she once taught. When their demands to know why she’s been ignoring them received an unsatisfactory answer, the Rules take over and insist on telling their own story, resulting in a unique, insightful, and humorous guide to getting the most out of our turbulent times. They named the guide Navigating Life Through Turbulent Tides.

Two years later, our retired self-help expert is once again accosted. This time by her student, who claims that after two years of pandemic, a second impeachment, a Capitol riot, a war in Europe, economic forecasts, mounting gun violence, and multiple weather disasters, the world was no longer merely turbulent, it’s down right Whackadoodle. She has questions, and she demands answers. Together, they decided to read the original book, and allow her to ask questions at the end of each chapter.

Navigating Life in a Whackadoodle World contains the original text of Turbulent Tides, updated by their discussions to make it even more relevant in our current times.

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  • Teaching Logic in a Whackadoodle World
  • Navigating Life Through Turbulent Tides
  • A River Worth Riding: Fourteen Rules for Navigating Life

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