You’ve Got Yourself a Phlegmatic

Extroverted but tentative people are known as Phlegmatic. 

Phlegmatic people believe that the main purpose in life is to build sincere and deep relationships with other people. They tend to be the best listeners. They also tend to care a great deal about what other people think and feel. They are happiest when everyone around them is happy, so they do a lot to contribute to the happiness of others. They love to communicate their feelings and emotions. They love to get close to people and help others find contentment. Phlegmatic people are supportive, balanced, friendly, sensitive, caring and chatty. They are the cement that holds a group together, and they work tirelessly at cultivating harmonious relationships.  

On the other hand, they become very uncomfortable with any behavior that threatens the stability and harmony of their relationships. They are easily hurt by what they consider insensitive behavior. And, rather than cause a scene or hurt others, they will bury their hurt inside themselves. They tend to develop grudges and become overwhelmed, or disillusioned by the behavior of others. They often think, “Why aren’t people more nice?” Phlegmatic people only learn acceptance, when they discover that not all personalities care about being nice as much as they do. When they stop taking every action so personally, they can find greater balance. When they stop expecting everyone to be as sensitive as they are, they can learn to become less sensitive to others.  

If you have ever wondered, “Why is that person being so mean?” chances are, you’re Phlegmatic. Once again, the true test as to whether or not you’re Phlegmatic comes when you ask yourself what irritates you the most. What irritates a Phlegmatic? Abrupt, rude, unpredictable and argumentative situations, or people. As well as any action that threatens the peace and harmony of their day. When dealing with Phlegmatic personalities, you should be friendly, empathetic, patient, supportive, accepting and take your time. They will blossom under your support and become the foundation that supports everyone in your life. 

Here’s how you handle a Phlegmatic.

They are Extroverted and Tentative. 
They want people to get along. 
They crave harmony, acceptance, and stability. 
They like people to be nice, friendly and caring. 
They dislike insensitive people. 
Their strengths are listening to and relating to people. 
Their weaknesses are hesitancy and sensitivity. They are also likely to hold grudges and be influenced by past hurts. They are often more worried about how they affect people, than the people affected by them. 
They fear sudden change. 
They like people to be pleasant. 
In play they are casual. 
They tend to be friendly, polite and chatty. 
They make decisions by consulting; they need other people’s opinions and they want to know how their decisions affect other people.  
Under pressure they become submissive and pliant. 
They want you to acknowledge their feelings. 
In interacting with them focus on your communication. 
To aid in decisions provide personal assurance. 
When emotional they become hesitant, pliant, quiet, and apologetic.
Some words that motivate a Phlegmatic:
No hurry
No risk
Try it out

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