You’ve Got Yourself a Sanguine

People who exhibit extrovert and impulsive qualities are Sanguine. 

Sanguine people believe that the main purpose in life is to enjoy what life has to offer. They tend towards impulsive acts of kindness, impulsive acts of friendship and impulsive acts of all kinds. They love to talk. They love to be the center of attention. They are nature’s enthusiasts and can get people involved in almost anything. On the flip side, they need to learn to control their impulsiveness, or they can often impulse themselves right into bankruptcy and over-commitments. Sanguine people don’t really care about logic, and they are bad with details. They can do detailed and logical work, they just really would rather not. Sanguine people are often amazed when their bills arrive each month. They tend to think, “Didn’t I just pay this?” Sanguine people only learn to budget and be organized when they discover the link between enjoying life and planning ahead.  

If you have ever wondered, “How did I get myself into this situation?” chances are, you’re Sanguine. But the true test as to whether or not you’re Sanguine comes when you ask yourself what irritates you the most. What irritates Sanguine people the most? Routine, structure and, most of all, any person who points out their “illogical” behavior and expects them to change who they are. When dealing with Sanguine personalities, you should be dynamic and appreciative. Help them to focus on one thing at a time, and always shower them with attention, approval and applause. They will love you for your efforts and pay you back with buckets of enthusiasm and energy. 

Here’s how you handle a Sanguine:

They are Extroverted and Impulsive 
They want life to be fun. 
They crave approval, attention, and applause. 
They like people to be dynamic, lively and exciting. 
They dislike routine and structure. 
Their strengths are creating excitement and motivating others. 
Their weaknesses are disorganization and disapproval. They often make impulsive promises, only to forget their promises later. They find budgeting unnatural. Also, they are easily overwhelmed and threatened by disapproval. 
They fear being rejected. 
They like people to be stimulating. 
At play they are spontaneous.
They like people to be playful, dramatic and fun 
The make decisions impulsively; they tend to make decisions based upon intuition and what feels right to them in the moment. 
Under pressure they become sarcastic and overblown. 
They want you to acknowledge their ideas. 
When dealing with them focus on your interactions. 
The help them make decisions provide incentives and testimonials.  
When emotional they become impulsive, demanding, and sarcastic. 
Words that help motivate a Sanguine:
Picture this…
You want it?
It looks great
Latest thing

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