Fighting Prejudice in a Whackadoodle World

A Whackadoodle discussion on fighting prejudice, being woke, and learning how to persuade, including four practical suggestions for fighting prejudice. By Lynn Marie Sager “I am sick and tired of all those white folks out there giving us white folks a bad name,” I told her. “What the heck are you talking about?” “I am … Read more

Navigating Life in a Whackadoodle World by Lynn Marie Sager

Available now on Amazon Kindle Version 9.99 Paperback Version 19.79 Navigating Life in a Whackadoodle World While riding the bus one day, a retired self-help expert is confronted by the Fourteen Rules of Life that she once taught. When their demands to know why she’s been ignoring them received an unsatisfactory answer, the Rules take … Read more

Our Right to Privacy: Did the Court Really Take it Away ?

A Whackadoodle discussion about Roe v. Wade, our right to privacy, expanding the court, and taking action, by Lynn Marie Sager She came to my door both devastated and angry, “How could they do it?” She cried, wiping tears from her eyes. “How could they just take away our rights like that? I mean my … Read more