How Deflection Works: A Whackadoodle Logic Lesson

deflection and logic

A Whackadoodle logic lesson in which we discuss how people use deflection to win arguments; sometimes by just talking people to death. “So how does deflection actually work?” she asked me near the end of our lesson. “It’s when instead of engaging the argument, you deflect to something else. You basically change the subject. If … Read more

Reductio ad Absurdum: I Have no Cookie Jar

reductio ad absurdum

A Whackadoodle lesson, prompted by my student, regarding reductio ad absurdum arguments and how they are not logical fallacies. Including an excerpt from George Conway’s satirical essay about Trump and cookies. She pulled out her phone and began typing before speaking, “I think that I have found the perfect example of reductio ad absurdum for … Read more

Ranked Choice Voting: Lessons a Kindergartener Understands

ranked choice voting

A Whackadoodle discussion that explains ranked choice voting, and caucus voting, in a way that even a kindergartener can understand. “So I’ve been thinking,” she said as she put her school books back into her backpack. “Good, good,” I couldn’t help but tease. “Thinking is good.” She sent me one of her dirtiest looks before … Read more

A Reductio Ad Absurdum Argument: Cats v. Women

A Whackadoodle logic lesson, in which I explain why reductio ad absurdum is not a logical fallacy, despite the many websites that claim it is; including a slightly R-rated example of how reducing an argument through ridicule actually works. “Okay,” she nodded. “But I still get confused, is reductio ad absurdum a logical fallacy or … Read more

How to Not Piss Off Your Prospects: Part Two

A Whackadoodle discussion on what happened when my early morning telemarketer called me back, and I offered to send him a link to the article he’d inspired. If you haven’t read it already, you should probably click here to read Part One before you read Part Two. An nearly true story by Lynn Marie Sager … Read more

Going into Sales? Learn How to Not Piss-off Your Prospects.

Inspired by real events, A story about an early morning wake up call in which I explain a Nine Step Sales Process one more time, along with why non-professionals give real sales professionals a bad name. My cell phone went off at 6:00 AM, and despite the fact that I had been up until 3:00 … Read more

How Can We Improve Our Influence?

understand influence

A Whackadoodle discussion about improving our influence, understanding motivations, and not getting manipulated by unethical others. We had just finished all her assigned homework, when she looked up at me with one last question before heading home. “So last time,” she began,” we talked about how to change the mind of someone who disagrees with … Read more

Reinforced Beliefs: Are They Limiting You?

A Whackadoodle discussion about Nun’s on the Bus, listening deeply, reinforced beliefs, and seeing past the limiting beliefs that your community might be reinforcing. By Lynn Marie Sager She came to our tutoring session with less energy than normal. Usually, she was bouncing off walls, full of stories, and excited to trade ideas. But on … Read more

How do I Question a Religious Fanatic and Open Their Mind?

A Whackadoodle discussion in which my student and I attempt to answer our first Dear Navigator question. How does one open the mind of a religious fanatic who has been radicalized? By Lynn Marie Sager “We finally got one,” she informed me as soon as I opened my door for our tutoring session. “Got one … Read more

Being Grateful for What I’ve Learned

A Whackadoodle discussion on Kailua Beach about being grateful while still fighting back. Including a thank you note to the Forty-Fifth President that may or may not be sent. A Whackadoodle discussion with Lynn Marie Sager I came up behind her as she sat bent over a picnic table scribbling away. I could tell from … Read more